When you play poker you can earn rake back just like you can earn bonuspoints if you use a member card when you shop in a store. How much you get in rakeback varies between different poker sites, but some offer as much as 40% in rakeback every month!

As a poker player you pay a fee for every bet you make in cash game, that fee is called rake and is your payment to the pokersite. If you play a lot of poker every month you will consequently pay a lot of rake to the pokersite. Some pokersites gives a little bit of these rake fees back to the players every month. Some of these gamblingsites are more generous than others, which means that you can save a whole lot of money if you choose the site that gives you the best rakeback.

Some pokersites call this cash back, other call it a bonus reward or lojalty program. The common denominator is that when you play you get money back based on how much you have gambled. The thing with rakeback is that it´s based on the rake you have payed to the pokersite during a period of time.

It´s also common that the pokersites gives better rakeback to players who gambles a lot. They use to divide players into specific groups based on how much they gamble per month. For example a player that doesen´t gamble so much is a bronze player and get 2% in rakeback while a high roller is a platinum player and get 7% in rakeback. These numbers are just fictitious, but you get the concept.

The rakeback is often payed as a bonus, that means you have to wager the money before you can withdraw them from your poker account.

If you have questions about rakeback, don´t hesitate to contact me.