About 123 rakeback

This is my first blog post ever and I am a bit inexperienced, but I hope you will give me one more chance if I fail to catch your interest! If you like poker I think you will like this blog because that´s the main subject for this blog. If you are searching for good rakeback deals I also think you will like my posts as I plan to write about where you can find the best rakeback deals and to highlight special rakeback campaigns.

But the most impotant thing with this blog will be to make other recreational player aware of how important rakeback is for the bankroll. I think many players overlook the rakeback offers and pay too little attention to their importance.

If you don´t know what rakeback is you will find a detailed explanation under the menu ”rakeback”. And if you want to know more about me, click on ”about me” in the menu above.

I will also fill this blog with book tips, fact about poker celebrities and interesting videoclip. I will most certainly also blog about my own experiences and results at the poker tables. For example I tried anonymous poker for the first time yesterday. That was odd, it felt a bit strange that I wasn´t able to keep track of the opponents. For me it´s a big part of poker, to learn other players soft spots and to detect their strategies. None of this is possible when you play at the anonymous tables, but that goes both ways, my opponents can´t keep track of me either and that´s an advantage. Maybe I can develop my thoughts about this in a another blog post, it would be interesting to know what you think about the subject. You can contact me via the contact form you will find in the menu above if you want to share your opinion and experiences of anonymous tables.