About me


I am a 23 years old recreational online poker player that´s interested in poker and the rakeback system the pokersites offer their customers. I think rakeback is important if you play a lot poker, so it´s always nice to find nice rakeback deals from the pokersites. I will use this blog to give tips about good rakeback deals and campaigns and about my poker gambling.

I have played online poker for about one year. I think I play between four to five hours per week and I mostly play cash games, but sometimes I also buy in to a tournament or a Sit n Go.

Besides poker I am a student in mathematics which I found really interesting. I think poker is an interesting mix of social skills and mathematic science which is interesting to me.

I live in a small town called Malmö in the south of Sweden (Europe). Here we have a state owned casino called Casino Cosmopol, but I have never been there. In fact, I have never been at a real casino. But I think I have to try sometime, it would be fun to play a live tournament. The problem with live tournament is that the buy in is so high, same thing with cash games at casinos. The best with online poker is that you can play at small stakes that suits your own economy and level of risk.

I have no ambitions of becoming a professtionall poker player, but I always strive to be better and better and to improve my gambling skills. I learn by reading books and to watch programs or live-streaming when the proffessionals play. One of my favourite poker players is the great legend Doyle Brunson that have played for decades now. He´s a real character. It´s also very fun to see he swedish pros when they gamble. Martin Jacobson for instance, he won the World Series of Poker Main Event in 2014 and became the first word champion from Sweden. It was great to follow him during the final and it´s always interesting to see him play.

More about the pros and other stuff can you find in my blog.

”May the flop be with you” – Doyle Brunson