Crazy pineapple at the casino!

Casino Cosmopol in MalmöHi there! I’ve done it, finally! I’ve visited a real land based casino! I really didn’t think it would happen in many years, but I really want to play against real players and try my poker face… Well, it started as an more or less un-volontary invite by some friends. They were to go out and eat and have a bit of fun and I was invited. Although, I did not know that they had booked a table at Casino Cosmopol, the real casino we have here in Malmö.

So, now I’ve been in a real casino. We started by eating a really delicious three course meal, had some wine and beer along with that and just had a great time! We also watched a very exciting game of football on the TVs there, but I have absolutely no idea of what it was and if it was important. I’m more of a poker dude than a sports dude, as you know.

However, now we were at the casino and had payed entrance and all. So why not play a little? We went around inside first just to look at what they had to offer. Mikael, one of my friends, had already been there a few times so he guided us a bit around. Of course there was a lot of slots and machines, some black jack and some roulette tables. Not really my cup of tea, but I tried some black jack just for fun. The others really liked it, so I went away a bit on my own.

And what do I find? Poker! Yay! I got stuck at a table with Dealer’s Choice, that has quite a wrong name. The choice is the one that has the dealer button and one of the players chose to play “Crazy Pineapple”. I had never heard of ot before in my life! However, it it like Texas Hold’em, but in the start you get three cards instead of two. After betting after the flop you have to throw one card away and you’re back with a regular game of Texas Hold’em. It’s not really a big difference, but it gives a really fun touch to it!

My friends eventually joined me and we had a great time together! We also played a bit of Omaha and Oasis Stud Poker. Variation is really fun, but I think I mostly like the classic Texas Hold’em. Also, five card poker is quite nice from time to time. However, it was a really nice evening and I wasn’t home until very late. I will definitely go back to Casino Cosmopol, both for dinner and for playing at the casino!