WSOP history

In my last post I wrote about satellite tournaments. I will continue to write a bit about the subject in this post to. Satellite tournaments or online qualifiers as they also are called have contributed largely to the popularity and development of poker.

In 2003 Chris Moneymaker won a buy in to the World Series Of Poker Main Event in an online satellite. The World Series Of Poker is the poker counterpart to World Championship in football, and the Main Event is the most prestigious tournament in the tournament series. In 2003 Chris Moneymaker won the Main Event and became the first world champion who had qualified via Internet. The next year the interest for World Series Of Poker had increased enormously. In 2003 there where 839 buy in into the Main Event, in 2004 it had increased to 2576. A really impressive growth, and it would´t stop there as you will see.

The following years the entries kept increase and in 2006 it reached it´s peak level at 8773 buy in. To me it´s clearly how the success of Chris Moneymaker made both poker, satellites and live poker highly interesting to a large number of people. I and many others use to call these years a poker boom because suddenly everybody started to try to play poker and tv started to braodcast pokerprograms. In Sweden we always nominate a product or service to the christmas gift of the year, and in 2005 the poker set was selected as the gift of the year.

Since the record year in 2006 the participation has decreased and there has been between 7319 and 6352 buy in in the Main Event since then.

This was a little story from the poker history that explains a little about the satellite tournaments contribution to live poker development. I am really interested in the history of poker and likes to read and listen about big and small events from the past.

For me one of the highlights in poker history was when the swede Martin Jacobson became the World Champion in poker after he won the World Series Of Poker Main Event in 2014. It was a really big moment for all swedish poker players I think.

I also remember the first big one for one drop tournament in 2012, it was a charity tournament with a buy in for $1 000 000! By then no other live tournament had have such a bug buy in. The Big one for One Drop was one of the WSOP tournaments in 2012 and 11,1% of the buy in was donated to the organisation One Drop. I don´t remember how many players that bought in to the event, but it was many enough to get a first prize at over $18 000 000! Also that a new record that I think still stands strong.

The winner of that huge first prize was Antonio Esfandiari. One of the most well known poker players in the world. I wonder how it feels like to win a great sum like that. I mean, normally the first prizes varies between $50 000 – $10 000 000. Will you still feel that you have won a lot of money, or will you compare it with the $18 000 000 win and think your recent win is to small and pointless?

Written By Dennis