Anonymous poker and live tournaments

I think I have recovered from my loosing session the other day, both mentally and financially. After a discussion with a friend that plays poker I got some tips and a confirmation that I played those AA hands right. It felt a bit better after the conversation and I continued play the day after.

I have mostly played low stakes cash game in the last days, to try the new tips and to get my self confidence back again. I have also tried anonymous poker again, but I don´t enjoy it. It´s not fun when you can´t identify your opponents and then learn how they play and take advantage from it. The only time the anonymous game suits me is when I make a really embarrassing mistake! Then it´s a relief that no one knows that it was me who did it and I can just sneak out of the table and join in again as a completely new player.

Speaking of embarrassing mistakes, I hate to win a pot when I don´t deserve it. It makes the whole thing even more awkward when you win despite all odds.

The best thing is therefore to not make mistakes that can lead to embarrassing situations and that´s of course what I always strive for. In the next couple of days I will revert to my normal stake level, and I hope it will work out well.

I also think that I will try to play some satellite tournament for Unibet Open. It would be fun to play a larger live tournament but whitout paying the whole buy in by myself. For you who doesn´t know what a satellite tournament is, it´s a tournament where you can win a buy in to a big tournament, it can be either a live tournament or an online tournament. If you win a buy in to a live tournament you often win a so called tournament package. The tournament package often include hotel, travel money and buy in to the tournament. The buy in to the satellite tournament is much lower than the buy in to the live torunament. Thanks to these satellites people who can´t afford to play in live tournaments can get the chance to participate at a smaller expense.

There are satellite tournaments for many live events. You can for example play satellites to qualify for European Poker Tour tournaments, to WSOP and the Grand Live tournaments. Look what your poker site offer or keep an eye on the poker news sites that reports about interesting online qualifiers. I use to read to keep me updated on special offers and interesting satellites. They also have interesting fact articles about poker that are worth reading if you want to start playing poker or need to go back to the basics again.

Written By Dennis