Criterions for good poker sites

What do you look for when you choose a poker site? I have a number of criterions that I want the poker site to fulfill. I mentioned it in an earlier blog post, but I shall explicate my thoughts in this post.

First of all i look for a serious bookmaker, that´s the most important criterion because I want to feel that my money transactions are secure, that my money on the poker account are secure and that the games are fair.

I also look for good rakeback deals and that the pokersite often arrange campaigns that give value back to the players in various forms. A new thing I have added to my criterion list is that I want to have the ability to play online qualifiers to live tournaments. As you know I recently tried to play my first live tournament, and now I think it would be fun to qualify for a bigger live tournament.

For me it´s important that the pokersite offers fast poker, various cash game levels of Texas Holdem NL and many tournaments at all hours. I don´t like to have to wait for an hour before I can play a tournament, I want them to be held at least every 30 minutes, but preferably more often than that.

It´s also a must that the pokersite offers 24/7 online support, preferably via chat. I want to know that I can get answers whenever problem may arise.

These are the major criterions when I choose an online poker site to play at. Do you have other criterions and what´s most important for you when you select poker sites? That would be interesting to learn about, so send me an mail if you want to tell me.

Setting up criterions is one step to find a serious bookmaker that suits your requirements, but you also have to do the research to find out which gambling sites that fulfill the criterions. Here are my best advices in how you do that.

A good start is to read what serious websites like, and has to say about the bookmakers and the poker sites and what they recommend. They often have reviews about interesting poker sites. You can also read in poker forums to see what other players think about specific bookmakers. When you have a couple of poker sites you are interested in, then do a google research for more information and more player reviews. If you´re still interested after that, then visit the poker site to find out more.

At the poker site you should look up the rules and conditions and after that look up if the site match your criterions. If it feels good you can register and look at the account functions, in the poker lobby et cetera. If it still feels good you can start to play, but if you´re not satisfied just look for another site that feels better for you.

Remember that you are the customer and you have the right to choose and deselect the sites that you gamble at.

Written By Dennis