Fast poker is fun!

I promised to get back with a report about the outcome of the small online tournament I signed up for. Sadly I have to say it didn´t came out well for me. I was eliminated early in the tournament when I got three of a kind on the river. The last card on the river was a queen of spades, which meant there where three spades on the table that gave my opponent a flush with spades. I was out and after some time of reflection I decided to play a couple of heads up games before I finished playing for the day.

The heads up matches was more successful. I won five of seven matches. I think I played quite well so I am pleased with my performance.

I really enjoy playing heads up. But sometimes it can be really irritating if your opponent is slow and always wait until the end of the turn until he or she makes the decision and play. That really annoys me, I don´t know if they do it on purpose or if there is something wrong with the Internet connection that makes things so slow. I think some of these players play at multiple tables at the same time and therefore are playing slowly. But playing on many tables at once, with a lot of browser windows open at the same time, do not work for me that well. Instead I have moved on to fast poker instead.

This is also one of the reasons why I like fast folding poker so much, I like the tempo. I don´t think patience is my strongest side which is negative when you play poker because it´s a game with a lot of waiting. The problem with fast poker is that you dosen´t get more patience of playing it. Once you have started to play fast poker, it´s really hard to go back to the ordinary format of cash game because you think it´s too slow.

When the game is slow and I get frustrated then I tend to play sloppy as well. I like the high tempo more than the slow pace of cash games, long tournaments or six handed. I want action all the way else I get bored and can not concentrate on the game. Now I can not play anything else than fast poker.

Do you also like fast poker? Or do you prefer ordinary cash games? I think almost every poker network offers some kind of fast poker to their players, so if you haven´t tried and are interested in testing you should give it a chance! But if you decide to try it, do it at a time when there are high player traffic in the poker room, otherwise it can be boring when there are only a few players at the table and when you almost have to wait for a new game because no other players are available.

Written By Dennis