My live poker debut and PokerStars boycott

The pokersites rakeback system is very important for the players. When the big pokersite PokerStars announced changes for the worse for the high stakes players in the rakeback system the reactions came immediately. On the poker forum 2plus2 players organized a three day long boycott in order to show their dissatisfaction. The reaction I think shows the importance of the rakeback system for the players.

Another pokersite took advantage of the boycott and offered lower rake fees on certain tables to attract the dissatisfied players. Kind of smart I think!

Enough about that. I want to tell you a bit about my first live tournament experience! Until recently I hadn´t played in a real live tournament, but now I took the chance to play a beginners tournament. It was really fun, but I have to say it´s a lot easier playing online where you don´t have to count the chips all the time to know how much you have in your stack or how much that´s in the pot or how much chips your opponents have. It´s also easier to bet online, you just click bet half the pot, or bet three times the big blind and so on. But besides that it was really fun to gamble live.

One big issue for me was the pot odds. I was not prepared that I just had to count the pot odds for my self, since I did not have I computer that counted the odds for mer, and that was a kind big issue. I realised that my computer has made me to a lazy and to convenient poker play, with all the tools you have available online. Now days i try to play even online poker with less and less tool without disrupting my play. I think it has made me a better player over all with a better understanding about the game.

To play live was a more social experience and you could also try to read the other players body language to determine if they were bluffing or not. That was quite hard and I think it would take years of practice to be good at it. I will most certainly try playing a live tournament again. Not because I was particularly good at it, but because it was so fun and that I want to improve and learn.

Readin body languages and pot odds you can practise on, but one thing that will be really hard for me is all the trash talk. Some guys just talk and talk all the time, especially when you have a tense situation where I really need to think and focus… That annoyed me very much, next time I will listen to music with a large headset or something that covers my ears completely. I am used to be able to take my time without anyone disturbing me in front of my computer.

I think it´s fun to try new things and learn new stuff. Recently I also tried anonymous poker for the first time, I didn´t really like it, but I guess I have to give it a second chance.

Written By Dennis